Hi! My name is Danielle.

While studying Film at Boston University, Danielle accidentally got a full-time job as a marketer at one of America's fastest growing tech companies, Drift. That's when she realized that the best marketing used the same elements of storytelling as screenwriting!

After graduation, Danielle moved to Philadelphia and became the Director of Marketing at Rebel Motion, a production company based out of NYC. She later become a Lead Storyteller at IT MOVES IT, a business accelerator that helps brands tell stronger narratives.

Now, Danielle dedicates her time to helping her personal clients combine storytelling, digital media, and marketing strategy at Epiq Media. An experienced Creative Director, she’s written, produced, directed, and edited dozens of Commercials for companies like User Interviews, bareMinerals, Adidas, Moet & Chandon, Rosetta Stone, Notarize, Bumble, Zenni Optical, Timo Weiland, and more.

When she's not on set, Danielle is a lead writer at Screenpower, an international screenwriting collective, where her team writes for top Broadway and Hollywood producers.

Her personal narrative work has been featured in over 30 film festivals and screenings across the globe, including multiple awards for Best Screenplay at various festivals including the International Open Film Festival, Sose International Film Festival, and Phoenix Melbourne Film Festival.

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Hi! I'm Lucy.

After a humble start selling Girl Scout cookies at age 6, Lucy discovered the importance of strong marketing strategy when she had to sell out performances for a Boston University theatre company. Since she is first and foremost a screenwriter, she learned to infuse her copy with the power of storytelling.

She has written an award-winning PSA for USAID's International Disaster Relief program and was one of the first team members in Sky TV's VR department in the UK, where she worked on storytelling for new media platforms. In addition, she worked on the research team for the Peabody Award winning documentary Lorraine Hansberry: Sighted Eyes, Feeling Heart.

When she isn’t working on creative projects, Lucy loves taking care of dogs and spending all her money on coffee.

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Hey there, I’m Ryan!

After getting his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University, Ryan found his niche in Cloud Technology as a consultant at Accenture.

Since then, Ryan has combined his love for numbers and learning by growing his expertise in finance and technology.

With certifications as a Scrum Master, Azure Administrator, and Cloud Practitioner in AWS, Ryan works with Epiq Media clients who need help connecting with a more technical audience.

An active member of multiple investor groups, Ryan also uses his expertise in finance to help companies appeal to investors, establish themselves in the market, and take control of their company narrative in the volatile world of shareholders and public offerings.

When Ryan isn’t working with cloud technology and growing businesses, he can be found cooking, traveling with his family, and watching E-Sports.

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