Content & Storytelling That Drive Results


Automate Your Content

You and your team are dedicated to driving traffic to your website. You’ve doubled down on SEO, the word about your business is spreading, and you’re focused on growing your audience.

But with so many different platforms to worry about, how do you keep up with it all? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter— these platforms only work if you’re consistent, but you and your team simply do not have the time.

Think of us as your personal content automation team. From creating relevant and sharable content to coming up with the perfect headline and CTA, our team of content marketing experts will do the heavy lifting so you can do what you do best— run your business.

Full-service video production, content repurposing, graphic design, copywriting, social media management— set yourself free and automate the process.


Storytelling From The Writers of Hollywood & Broadway

Imagine if the right combination of words could capture the hearts and minds of every customer, investor, and employee.

Every day your team would be inspired and motivated. More and more people would buy your products. Your business would blossom.

At Epiq Media, those magic words exist in the world of the “Why”

Every great story is driven by strong, specific, and developed characters. We help you uncover that character that is your company and your customers, using the same creative process we use when we write plays for Broadway, screenplays for Hollywood, and Novels for Amazon.

It’s no secret that the stories your company tells can make or break how you’re viewed in the public’s eye. And in a world of infinite product solutions, fraudulent hit pieces, and skeptical buyers, the way you tell your brand story is more important than ever before.

When our team isn’t helping you shape your company narrative, we’re writing real narrative pieces for the entertainment industry.

Storytelling is more than a buzzword to us, it’s a craft we’ve been perfecting for a decade.

Inspire Employees, Connect with Customers, Grow Your Business.


We don’t just make videos.

We make videos that will actually help you grow your business.

Video is the highest performing medium for content marketing, but it’s also the hardest type of content to create well.

This is because some marketers and agencies know how to attract their target audience, but they don’t have the technical film production training to make something visually compelling. Content is King and poor quality video will hurt you instead of help you.

On the flip side, most video production agencies have the ability to tell a creative visual story, but know little to nothing about business and marketing strategy. They create videos that may look great on the surface, but have nothing to do with your target market.

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Join the ranks of top global brands.

Adidas. Rosetta Stone. Sky TV. Bumble. With us, you’re among the best, no matter the business. But being the best doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

We were scrappy film kids once, so we know how to make the work look good and keep it under budget. Do you really need that particular piece of equipment or can you achieve the same effect with something else? We’ll work with you to ensure you’re getting the most for the least out of your wallet.

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