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7th April 2009

EpiqMedia.com has officially launched it's new website and is ready to take on the world, one client at a time - we're into quality rather than quantity, so this'll take a while.

About Us

Epiq Media is a unique project that was created with one thing in mind - create a business that'll not only work for clients, but have fun doing it.

The Epiq Media team is comprised of talented individuals that can offer everything from web-design, graphics design, SEO, PPC, and even social media marketing - basically a small full services firm.

Throughout the last several years we listened, learned, and worked hard towards reaching the clients expectations and finishing the project in a timely manner. We have concentrated on the importance of quality over quantity, delivery rates, creative marketing ideas, and most importantly ease of use. We create websites and SEO and SEM strategies that focuse on these attributes to solve real business problems while making it affordable for almost any business or individual.

Let's face, every business needs a website, not because we tell you to, but because your customers expect it. People want to look up your contact information, your hours of operation, or just the list of services/products you offer. What you also might not realize is that once you have a site up and running, it unfortunately doesn't end there. How will people find you. Chances are they'll use a search engine to find you're website, which brings up another question. Is you website SEO'd (Search Engine Optimized)? Another service that we offer is SEO, basically we take your new/old site and make it visible to people that are searching for either your company name or a keyword asscociated with your company (read more about SEO).

If you're convinced we are the team that can take your company's website to a new level, then please contact us to not only learn more about us, but also get free consulation regarding your project.